• The purpose of the Performing Arts Club at Garden Springs is to offer an outlet for students with creative passions such as acting, singing, dancing, and for those who have an interest in how performances are produced from a backstage standpoint. We encourage students to step outside their comfort zone in a safe and guided/structured environment. Students learn life skills such as teamwork, responsibility, and courage, as well as the academic practices of interpreting dialogue, understanding stage directions, identifying author’s purpose, and how to study and memorize parts of a text. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun, too! 

    Students and their families are responsible for:
    $25 club fee to cover the cost of scripts, set, and t-shirt
    Their costume (finding & purchasing/ designing & making their outfit BEFORE April 9th)

    We will need volunteers for:
    set design and making 
    finding and purchasing props and materials
    coordinating t-shirt design, handling order, checking names, delivering, passing them out at rehearsal when they arrive
    supervising crew members during scenery-making sessions  
    helping with wireless mics on performance day/night, 
    ordering pizzas and bringing bottled waters for performance night, 
    designing and typing a performance program
    videotaping performance (Kay usually does)

    Contact info:
    A Dojo class has been created for it, which will be how we primarily interact with parents. They can also email both of us austen.reilley@fayette.kyschools.us

    Disclaimer: If students do not meet behavior expectations, they will not be allowed to participate in PAC. If they are picked up later than 3:45 out front more than twice, they will not be allowed to participate. These are both in the contract students turn in with their club money when they sign up for PAC.  


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