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  • Each counselor has students in grades 9-12 divided alphabetically. Find your counselor below.

    Parents/guardians can contact counselors by calling the counseling office at (859) 381-3554 or emailing the counselor directly to set up an appointment.

    Students can contact counselors by using See My Counselor to set up an appointment, emailing questions directly to the counselor, or coming in person to the counseling office. 

    See My Counselor

    We are using a new website that allows students to schedule appointments with their school counselor. This should make it easier for students to meet with their counselor. The following steps work best from a computer.

    1. Go to
    2. Input your Student Number for the User Name and Password.
    3. YOU choose the day and time!

    When you login for the first time, be sure to enter your cell phone number if you wish to receive text message alerts.


School Counselors

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What Does a Counselor Do?

    • Talks with students individually and in groups.
    • Gains understanding of your child's behavior through observation and participation in the classroom to help identify their needs.
    • Intervenes with potential dropouts.
    • Helps students relate to others.
    • Provides counsel to teachers and parents so that they can better help their children and students.
    • Helps parents find and make better use of community resources.
    • Identify student abilities, achievement, interests, and needs.
    • Utilize other school specialists to aid students in their growing process.
    • Coordinates referrals to outside agencies.
    • Hosts and facilitate parent discussion groups.
    • Helps with school, college, job, career, and personal plans.
    • Participates in curriculum development.