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      Career Expo Details


    The Career Expo has been moved to January 28 for all our Freshman Academy students. The logistics from moving it originally from Nov. 4 to 12th made it difficult for businesses to join, so hopefully with the January date, we can accomodate all the businesses.

    Over the past two years that our 9th graders have gotten this experience, it continues to be a favorite! 

    Students get practice in implementing the interpersonal skills in a real-world setting that they have been reviewing such as self-introductions, handshakes, making eye contact, speaking, questioning for learning and understanding and appropriate dress and attire for a professional setting.  They also get the opportunity to learn more about industries and careers that are prevalent in our region and state through hands-on experiences, games, puzzles, machinery, interviews, etc.  But most importantly, they get to explore careers and industries that pique their interest that they may later explore in choosing their future academy at TCHS.  

    Permission slips have been given out in Freshman Seminar classes, but there is an additional copy in the link below.

    Please complete it and either email it back or send it with your child to their Freshman Seminar teacher. We are so excited about this and definitely want all of our 9th graders to participate! 


    Career Expo Permission Slip HERE 


     TCHS ESS Schedule

    ESS Schedule Here

    Why is ESS such a great opportunity for freshmen?

    If a student has any missing assignments but they are completed with the ESS teacher after school, there will be no late penalty for that assignment. Normally, when a student turns in an assignment after it’s due date there is a 25% deduction in the grade. If a late assignment is completed during ESS, there is no late deduction and your student can earn full points.

    With our last late work deadline coming up on December 13, ESS is a perfect chance for students to still earn full credit in any missing assignments they may have.

    Please encourage your student(s) to attend!




    EOS Information

    EOS Parent's Guide


    The Freshman Academy is a small learning community designed to successfully transition students from middle school to high school.  Students and teachers are grouped into teams and are located in the same section of our building, which promotes the small learning community enrvironment.  Teachers are provided embedded time to collaborate on the important conversations regarding our students: curriculum, instruction, student progress, community involvement, etc.  As a result, students receive individualized instruction and support services from our staff.  

    Our freshman have their own principal, two counselors, and additional support staff to ensure they are thriving in regards to academics, behavior, and emotional needs.  


    Freshman Seminar is a required course for all 1st year freshman, which provides the opportunity to develop essential skills, such as effective time management, goal setting, organization, communication, and technological skills that will aid them on their path to graduation and a successful career path.  Students will also embark on a self-discovery mission to uncover personal values and goals that will assist them when choosing a career academy for the tenth grade. 

    We are dedicated to providing more experiences to our freshman, so they can EXPLORE THEIR WORLD.