Academic Team

  • One Community One Voice and the Fayette County Public Schools invites you to register your child to participate in the Academic Challenge Program.

    The goal of the Academic Challenge Program is to create an academic culture in Fayette County for all students, which encourages parent involvement, is viewed just as important as sports, allows all students to compete in rigorous competitions with their peers, and culminates with college scholarships to Superintendent’s Cup Competition winners and individual participants based on a writing piece or math/science prompt.

    The Academic Challenge Program is open to all students in the second through fifth grades who attend the Fayette County Public Schools and want to participate in Academic Challenge practice sessions and the Academic Challenge competitions.

    • All students in grades two through five have the opportunity to join a Primary Academic Challenge Team (3rd Grade), or an Intermediate Academic Challenge Team (Grades 4 & 5).
    • Teams must have no more than 6 members on each team and the team should reflect the population of that school.

    Parents who want their child to be a part of Dixie’s Academic Challenge Team should fill out the registration form sent home to all 3rd – 5thgraders at the beginning of the year.  The School Academic Challenge Coordinator will coordinate the formation of School Teams from the list of registered students based on rules from IAKSS.


    Monday - 7:30 - 8:00 am

    Wednesday - 3:00 - 4:00 pm