JCM Services and Groups

  • The following are services offered at Jessie Clark Middle School:
    (All services may not be included on this web page. )
    *Cluster Grouping
    Grade Skipping (especially math) Offer transition math, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry
    Extracurricular Activities (math team, academic team, forensics team, STLP, FCCLA, BETA)
    Excel classes (art, humanities, band, orchestra, physical education, family and consumer sciences, music, technology, computers, chorus, etc.)
    Leadership opportunities are given as they arise
    All teacher *differentiate instruction throughout the year
    Teachers give students choices of varying difficulties (extensions menu)
    Peer tutoring
    Bonus point opportunities
    Creating visual displays
    Group presentations (skits, plays, teaching)
    Writing and Performing raps or songs about the curriculum
    While these services are listed for gifted and talented students, they are not limited to gifted and talented students.
    *Refer to Definitions of Gifted and Talented Lingo.  All definitions are copied from the Kentucky State Regulations for Gifted and Talented Programs.
  • Details regarding digital ESS opportunities will be posted at a later date.