For Parents/Guardians

  • Family engagement

    ACE offers a variety of opportunities for families to participate in their child's learning. Anyone interested in volunteering must register with FCPS and clear a criminal background check. You can also find out about districtwide opportunities online here.

    Infinite Campus

    Visit the district's IC Parent Portal support site where you can:

    • Request an activation key to create a Parent Portal account;
    • Reset your password or retrieve your username.
    • Ask for extra assistance.

    Afternoon car riders

    If you arrive early for dismissal, you may queue up in the parking lot lane adjacent to the school and the outer parking lane only. We reserve the inner lanes for those who have emergencies or school business during the last hour of the school day. When queuing up, you may NOT block the sidewalk by the park on Jouett Creek or the entrance to the apartments. When the outer parking lot is full, please start the rest of the line at the corner of Jouett and Hayes Boulevard. (Parking/queuing on Jouett Creek is not allowed per city police.)

    Note: All cars for pick-up and drop-off must stay to the left of the yellow line in front of the school. This is one lane, with no passing allowed.

    dismissal map

    After-school care options

    These facilities serve children from ACE:

    • Childcare Network – (859) 264-0544
    • Kids R Kids – (859) 266-0123
    • Kindercare – (859) 272-8673
    • Lexington Taekwondo & Jiu Jitsu – (859) 245-1733
    • Martial Arts USA – (859) 303-4259
    • Milk & Honey – (859) 269-5498
    • Tots Landing – (859) 263-5604
    • YMCA Hamburg – (859) 543-9622