• Welcome to the Academies of Tates Creek!



    Welcome to Tates Creek High School!  Our school is rich with tradition and we are excited to offer a new learning experience for our students that fosters relationships and provides them with small learning communities.  As we transform our students’ educational experiences, we are extremely thankful for the support from our families and the Lexington Community, as we work together to prepare our students for their futures. The mission of Tates Creek High School is to prepare all Commodores for college and career success and for service as informed and active citizens with intercultural understanding and respect, and the Academies at Tates Creek reflects this daily.



    An Academy is a small learning community.  Students are co-horted into smaller groups, to foster stronger relationships.  So, instead of being one of 1700, they are one of 300-400, and they are grouped with students that have similar interests.  In the Academy structure, each academy has its own location in the building, a designated principal, counselor, and a group of core content and elective teachers.  The Academy staff has embedded team time (SLCs) to collaborate.  This provides the opportunity to develop support for students, create identity events to cultivate a positive culture, and to collaborate on interdisciplinary lessons, so students can see the connection to what they are learning across their schedule.       

    We have 5 Academies:  

    • Freshman Academy
    • Academy of Design & Engineering
    • Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship, & Education
    • Academy of Medical & Emergency Services
    • Academy of International Baccalaureate and Information Technology


    All freshmen go into the Freshman Academy, which is the foundation of the Academy model.  This Academy helps students transition into high school, and exposes them to the Career Academies through their Freshman Seminar course.  Students explore their personal interests and skill sets, and align them with possible careers.  At the end of their Freshman Seminar course, they choose their future Career Academy.   

    Academy students benefit from having a mixture of career and academic classes.  The core academic subjects are taught “through the lens” of the academy; students are able to connect how their subjects relate to a career field.  The career classes are designed to expose students to the full range of careers in that field.  We used Kentucky Center for Educational Workforce Statistics data, student interest surveys, and the KDE pathways to choose our Career academies. This intentional selection process serves our very own community with future skilled workers.

    We've partnered with local industry professionals to provide students with guest speaking, discussion panels, job shadowing, internships, and events that help them develop the skills they will need to be successful.  Our partners are crucial for ensuring we are teaching the necessary skills for our ever-changing workforce; they provide guidance in our Academy Advisory meetings throughout the year.  


    You can see a detailed list of Academies, CTE pathways, course descriptions, and dual credit options here:





    Academies of Lex FAQs:  AOL - FAQs

    Academies of Tates Creek FAQs:

    • International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma students will be in the IB/IT Academy. 
      • Juniors and seniors who are taking 3 or more IB courses also have the option to be in the IBIT Academy.
    • Students enrolled in a Tech Center will not choose an additional Academy, but may be "paired" with a similar Academy to acquire core subjects (Math, Science, etc.).
    • Each Academy has required career courses, one per year. 
    • To ensure students receive as many Academy experiences as possible, we limit Academy changes.  Students can change their Academy once through this process:    Academy Switch Form