• School Bus Responsibilities

    The time students spend going to and from school is an extension of their
    school day. School buses are an extension of the school campus. As such, school
    administrators are equally as responsible for discipline on school buses as they are
    on school campuses. Riding school buses is a privilege that may be suspended or
    even revoked if a student does not behave in a safe and proper manner. In addition,
    the principal can administer appropriate discipline, including suspending the student
    from school or from school-related activities, for misconduct on school buses. Below
    is an outline of student responsibilities, parent responsibilities, and consequences for
    Leestown Middle School Transportation.


    • Behave responsibly on school buses to permit the driver to drive safely without
    • Comply with rules posted on school buses
    • Act in a SAFE and ORDERLY manner when entering/exiting the bus, riding the
      bus and waiting at the bus stop


    • Ensure that their child/children understand and comply with all bus guidelines and
    • Ensure that their child/children are acting appropriately at all bus stops
    • Provide school personnel with written notification when a child has a change in
      his/her normal transportation schedule

    Discipline for bus violations

    • 1st report: warning/conference with principal
    • 2nd report: special assignment/family contact
    • 3rd report: short-term bus suspension
    • 4th report: long-tern suspension or loss of bus privileges