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Youth Service Center

  • The Jessie Clark Youth Service Center is a non-profit, grant-funded agency that looks to reduce non-academic barriers to student success. 

    The YSC runs school-wide, grade level, and classroom programs for JCMS students.  In one way or another, the YSC works with every student at Jessie Clark.

    In addition to school programs, the YSC also conducts after-school programs and activities, which promote both academic and social development.

    One of the more important aspects of the YSC are the referrals to community and school support programs. The YSC does referrals for both students and families for numerous reasons.

    There are over 40 Family Resource and Youth Service Centers in Fayette County.

    Red Ribbon Week, Organizational Skills, Leadership Skills, Conflict Resolution, Communication Building, and Study Skill Workshops,  Reality Store, Financial Planning, Food Drive for God’s Pantry,

    CSI: JCMS, Sports Mentoring Program (JCMS Soccer), Life Adventure Camp, Lafayette Mentoring Program (8th), Employment Workshops (8th), Babysitting Program.

    School Supply, Clothing, Basic Need, Vision, Food, and Utility/ Rent Assistance (when available). The YSC also does referrals to school and community based counseling programs for students and parents. 

    Parent Volunteers Needed

    The Jessie Clark Youth Service Center is looking for parents and community members to serve on its Advisory Council.

    The Council oversees Youth Service Center program and supports to JCMS students and families, in addition to providing oversight into center operations.

    Parents can be involved in assisting programming in the school, or helping the center partner with organizations and businesses in the community.

    For more information please contact Gabriel Brown in the Youth Service Center.