• Director:

    Mary Elizabeth Henton


    859-381-3192 ext. 41260



    There is a $25 class fee for all orchestra students. This fee will provide the students with their instruction book, sheet music, orchestra concert shirt, as well as supplies for the classroom such as emergency rosin and strings.

    Instrument Rentals- Students rent or buy their instruments. Cellos and basses are available at school for students’ use allowing cello and bass students to leave rented or owned instruments at home for practice. A few school-owned violins and violas are available as needed. Students that are renting a school-owned instrument will need to pay a yearly rental fee of $25. Violin and viola players will need to purchase a quality shoulder rest.

    How to Join:

    Orchestra is open to any 6th grade student who has a desire to learn to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass. 7th and 8th grade students must have taken orchestra the year before to enroll in orchestra for the current year. (Exceptions are given to students who currently take private lessons.)

    Time Requirements:

    There are some after school rehearsals that are required. This is a co-curricular class which does means some after school activities. LTMS Orchestras requires student participation in all orchestra concerts and events. There is an expectation all students will practice their instrument outside of class time to keep up with current musical literature, and will stay current with weekly performance tests both in class, and online.

    Academic Requirements:

    Students enrolled in orchestra will receive a grade for this class. Our grading policy is located in the “Orchestra Handbook” on the LTMS Orchestra Website. Students are also expected to be doing well in their other classes.