• STEAM Internships

    STEAM Internships are offered through the school day and are focused on the interest of the student.  Find out more.

    STEAM Clubs & Organizations

    STEAM Academy offers a variety of opportunities for students after school. Find out about Clubs & Organizations hosted through STEAM.

    Home High School Sports and Activities 

    Students may participate in sports and other activities through their home high school. Dismissal at 2:40 and bus transportation from STEAM to home high schools ensures students arrive in time for practices and meetings. Check with your home high school for the opportunities available.

    Community Opportunities

    Students should check the Community Activities, Opportunities, & Scholarship page to find out options that are available to them. These opportunities are updated as information becomes available. Summer opportunities listed may be a great way for you to continue learning when class is not in session, including travel to China and summer camps.

    Summer 2018

    Looking for something to do this summer. Check the list of summer options for students. You'll find camps, internships, community service, and more.

  • Internship Opportunities

    Clubs & Organizations

    Sports and Other Activities at Home High Schools

    Community Opportunities and Scholarships