For Parents/Guardians

  • Family engagement

    Our school offers a variety of opportunities for families to participate in their child's learning. Anyone interested in volunteering must first register with FCPS and clear a criminal background check. You can also explore districtwide opportunities through Give 10.   


    For details on enrolling a kindergartener or other new student at Squires, please visit the district's enrollment page.

    Transportation changes 

    All changes in student transportation must be received by 1 p.m. The parent/guardian must write a note stating the change. Please include the date, parent/guardian signature, and photo identification. Then email the transportation change photo to Squires

    note for transportation change

    Infinite Campus

    Visit the district's IC Parent Portal support site where you can:

    • Request an activation key to create a Parent Portal account;
    • Reset your password or retrieve your username.
    • Ask for extra assistance.