For Parents/Guardians

  • Bus transportation

    FCPS school buses transport students to and from Locust Trace for all six FCPS high schools and Woodford County High School.

    Sample schedule for a morning student:

    • Arrive at high school on time
    • Board Locust Trace bus
    • Attend Locust Trace classes
    • Ride bus back to high school 
    • Eat lunch at high school
    • Attend remaining courses at high school

    Sample schedule for an afternoon student:

    • Arrive at high school on time 
    • Attend courses at high school
    • Eat lunch at high school 
    • Board Locust Trace bus
    • Attend Locust Trace classes
    • Ride bus back to high school


    All guests must sign in and out at the front office every time they visit Locust Trace.


    Please do not double park in the lot.  You may only use the bus lane to pick up students after afternoon dismissal. 


    Adults interested in volunteering at Locust Trace must first register through Fayette County Public Schools and clear a background check.

    Infinite Campus (student records)

    Visit the district's IC Parent Portal support site where you can:

    • Request an activation key to create a Parent Portal account;
    • Reset your password or retrieve your username.
    • Ask for extra assistance.


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