Family Resource Center

  • What is a family resource center?

    The Kentucky Family Resource and Youth Services Centers were established as a component of the historic Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) of 1990. The mission of these school-based Centers is to help academically at-risk students succeed in school by helping to minimize or eliminate non-cognitive barriers to learning.  
    FRYSCs are strengthened by community parternships in their ability to provide vital programs, services and referrals to students and their families.  These partnerships are critical in efforts on behalf of students to promote:

    1. Early learning and successful transition to school;
    2. Academic achievement and well-being; and
    3. Graduation and transition into adult life.

    Each Center offers a unique blend of programs and services to serve the special needs of their student and family client populations.  The goal of the FRYSCs is to meet the needs of all children and their families served by the Centers as a means to enhance student academic success.

    Family Resource Centers serve children through age 12 and provide the following services:

    1. Preschool child care for children ages 2 and 3;
    2. After-school child day care;
    3. Families in training;
    4. Parent and child education;
    5. Support and training for child day care providers; and
    6. Health services and referrals.

    Youth Services Centers serve students older than 12 and provide the following services:

    1. Referrals to health and social services;
    2. Employment counseling, training and placement;
    3. Summer and part-time job development;
    4. Drug and alcohol abuse counseling; and
    5. Family crisis and mental health counseling.


    Schools where at least 20 percent of the student population is eligible for free or reduced school meals may compete for FRYSC grants. 
    Currently 782 FRYSCs serve 1,143 schools (including about 98 percent of schools where 20 percent of the enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced school meals).  The total student population served by the FRYSCs is 565,172, with approximately 46.5 percent (261,265) eligible for free school meals.