• Leestown Personal Appearance/Dress Code

    The goal of student dress at Leestown Middle School is to help create a healthy and safe atmosphere within the school.  Often times, inappropriate clothing and accessories can be a source of classroom distractions.  It should be recognized that one’s personal appearance is a manifestation of self-evaluation and we hope that students will think highly enough of themselves to dress for success. 

    Acceptable Clothing Includes: 

    • Pants, shorts, capris and skirts worn at the waist so no underwear or undershorts show
    • Jerseys or tank tops worn with a sleeved undershirt 
    • Tennis shoes, boots or dress shoes, sandals with ankle strap
    • Jogging suits 
    • Spandex or leggings covered with skirt or shorts that are no higher than the width of a dollar bill length above the knee (2 ½ inches above the knee) 
    • Sweatshirts and tops without hood
    • Form fitting outerwear (i.e. yoga pants, leggings, tights, etc.) that is covered by another article of apparel and meets the criteria of being no higher than 2 ½ inches above the knee 

    Unacceptable Clothing Includes:

    • Clothing with obscenities, vulgarities, profane language, double meanings, drug, alcohol, gang related or ethnic or racially offensive stereotypical language or pictures 
    • Visible undergarments, pajamas or tank tops worn without an undershirt 
    • Hats, sunglasses (including novelty glasses) and bandanas
    • Hair picks or combs worn in the hair  
    • House shoes, athletic slide shoes or flip flops
    • Holes in garments in which skin (and/or undergarment) is exposed
    • Sweatshirt with hood (hoodie)

    *Outerwear (coats, scarfs, gloves), must be stored in lockers during the day.  Students may wear sweatshirts (with no hood), sweaters or light jackets*

    With major violations (holes in clothing exposing skin, revealing clothing, clothing with profanity, etc.), parents will have to bring a change of clothing.

    Note: For personal appearance issues not addressed above, the administrative team reserves the final decision.