• Cassidy Elementary PTA

    PTA BOARD MEMBERS 2021-2022

    Principal - Jill Hill (jill.hill@fayette.kyschools.us)       

    Represent the interests/ concerns of the staff/school at meetings; communicate PTA information to staff.

    President- Heidi Guckenberger (heidihaldy@gmail.com)

    Create and send out agendas for meetings; set calendar; fall/spring transition luncheon; kick-off for school year; run board and general meetings; attend PTA meetings for district or send representative; give PTA updates at school functions; appoint nominating committee; fill committee chairs for the upcoming year with help from current committee chairs.

    Vice President- Allison Krift  (Allison.Krift@gmail.com)

    Assist the President in roles and obligations; sit on PTA Package Committee and assist in managing the efforts of promoting the PTA Packages.

    Secretary- Alexis Bowling ()

    Create minutes from all meetings and disseminate through Cassidy app; create, distribute and count anonymous ballots for all votes; run/track PTA Membership (including staffing for membership drives and taking care of getting the money to the treasurer); PTA thank you notes, keep PTA Bylaws and review renewal dates; sit on PTA Package Committee to track purchases and delivery of packages.

    Treasurer Rebecca Wilkinson (rebecca.m.wilkinson@gmail.com)

    Make all deposits; pays all PTA bills/reimbursements; keep Quickbooks up to date/reconciled; financial report (profit and loss, budget review) for each meeting, year end Financial Review.

    Volunteer Committee- Townley Dalton (townleydalton@gmail.com)

    Recruit volunteers for all committees/events as directed; homeroom parent coordinator; office needs (i.e. picture day, eye screening day, etc)

    Communications Committee Erin Stearley  ()  

    Organize and facility the Newcomers meeting at the end of the school year. Review results of survey from prior year and facilitate discussions regarding change and communication of response.  Sit on the SBDM committee for surveys.  Board representative for the following umbrellas:

    • PTA Weekly Newsletter Promotions
    • Marqee                         SBDM Recommendations
    • Facebook                                                 
    • Directory

    Wellness Committee –Erin Oakley (Erinjoakley@uky.edu)

    Develops and promotes ideas to encourage healthy lifestyles. Board Representative for the following umbrellas:

    • Field Day Science Garden
    • Landscape/ Playground Wellness Night

    Fundraising CommitteeTara Sienkiewicz  (taralynnpoe@gmail.com)

    Board Representative for the following umbrellas:

    • Apparel Fun Day
    • Box Tops Kroger Cards
    • Colts Night Out Malone’s
    • Sprout                        
    • Spring Book Fair
    • Fall Book Fair (National book week ) Yearbook

    Enrichment CommitteeKerri Hinkle  ()

    Board Representative for the following umbrellas:

    • 5th Grade Liaison Science Fair
    • After School Programming Teacher Appreciation
    • Reflections Variety Show
    • School Supplies

    Outreach Committee-  Mandy Stone  (mandycstone@gmail.com)

    Liaison between guidance counselor, family resource center and PTA.  Board Representative for the following umbrellas:                                                                                                                               

    • God’s Pantry
    • Special Needs Awareness Week
    • FRYSC

    Teacher Representative- 


    Past-President-   Alison Polk (alison.polk@yahoo.com)

    (NON-VOTING MEMBER) Assist with transition to new school year. Attend board and general meetings.