• Parents please note...
    • Please try not to make changes after 1:30. It makes if very hard to communicate changes to teachers, students, and other transportation staff.
    • Parents that show up after 2:15 will have to sign their student out resulting in a tardy on their childs attendance report. 
    • No last minute changes will be made. Unless a note was sent in to have student dismiss to the office at dismissal. 
    • Please only ask for a car rider number if your child will frequently be a car rider.
    • Please try to have a consistent schedule for how your child goes home so there is no confusion.
    • Make sure you send a written note to the office the morning the change needs to be made and remind your student to give the note to the office or their teacher.
    • It is helpful (but not required) for you to send an email or some type of follow up communicaiton to your childs teacher to make sure the note was seen.
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