Ms. Karen Sellers

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Ms. Karen Sellers

Karen Ka`imilani Leota Sellers

Karen was born in Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii, and has lived in many other places: California, New Zealand, Missouri, Ohio, and now Kentucky. At age six, she sailed with her family from California back to Hilo, Hawaii on a 40 ft. Ketch. At age seven, she and her family moved to New Zealand, where she still has family and life-long friends. At eleven, she moved with her mother to the Ozarks where they lived off power, using a windmill for water catchment. Karen went to Olney Friends School, a Quaker boarding high school, near Barnesville Ohio, which is now considered a farm-to-kitchen school. She is still very much in touch with her classmates. In 1982, she sailed from Tahiti to New Zealand with family, stopping at various Pacific Islands: Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Tonga, Niue, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Norfolk Island before reaching the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Karen graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii, Hilo, with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and a Minors in Cultural Anthropology, driving 100 miles round trip, three days a week from the most isolated, southern-most tip of the U.S. to get to school. It was all worth it. A year later, she returned to school and earned her Teacher Education Certificate for teaching Secondary English. It was a year-long grueling gauntlet of which a third of her cohort did not pass. She taught grades 8-12 at rural Ka`u High and Pahala Elementary School, Pahala Hawaii, where three out of four of her own children were her students. By the way, they loved that. Karen is presently ready to graduate from Eastern Kentucky University, with a Graduate degree in Fine Arts, Creative Writing. Her final Thesis Manuscript entitled, “The Azimuth of Home: Heaven Seeker is My Middle Name,” has been submitted, and she has one more class, a formal reading, and a presentation titled, “Joseph Campbell’s Heroic Cycle Across Cultures” to deliver. Karen has been published in numerous anthologies, won writing awards, and will continue writing, because writing is life, and life is poetry.

Ms. Sellers loves her students at SCAPA, and thinks that teaching at SCAPA was a gift that she will always, always hold dear in her heart. Keep your Heart in the Arts, that is everything.