Dress Code

  • Booker T Washington Elementary

    FIRST READING: April 10, 2014

    SECOND READING: May 8, 2014

    THIRD READING: June 12, 2014

    ADOPTED: June 12, 2014

    1st READING FOR AMENDMENT: April 13, 2015

    AMENDMENT APPROVED: May 11, 2015

    Required Law that Policy Meets (If Applicable)

    The provisions of this policy shall be implemented to comply with provisions required by federal law, state law or Fayette County Public School Board policy. If any specific requirement does not fit with those rules, the principal shall notify the council so that the policy can be amended to comply.


    Appropriate attire and acceptable appearance strongly correlate with school success. Students need to be neatly dressed and well groomed at all times. Other than Casual Fridays and special days designated by the principal, the following is a description of generally acceptable attire for students attending Booker T. Washington Primary Academy. Every Friday is Casual Friday, adhering to Fayette County Public School dress code guidelines.

    Booker T Washington Elementary Dress Code Policy

    • Solid color shirts or blouses with collars may be worn.  Shirts or blouses may be knit or polo type, but they must have a collar.  Solid color V-neck, crew neck, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts or sweater vests may be worn over a collared shirt.  Solid turtlenecks are allowed.
    • Pants or shorts must be solid color khaki, navy, gray, or black.
    • Skirts, dresses, jumpers or shorts must be knee length and shirts should be tucked in at all times.
    • Belts should be worn with slacks or shorts. Shirts should be tucked in.
    • Leggings or stockings may be worn under uniform skirts, jumpers, skorts and shorts. However, leggings or stockings may not be worn alone with sweaters, shirts or t-shirts.
    • Tennis shoes must be worn each day. Sandals and shoes with open toes or open heels are not allowed. Wheels are not allowed on shoes.
    • Hats, scarves, or hoods on heads are not allowed in the building.
    • Every Friday is Casual Friday, adhering to Fayette County Public School dress code guidelines.

    Any clothing representing illegal activities for minors including drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, or violence will be prohibited. Other non-specified items considered inappropriate by the school administration may be prohibited at any time.