Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide all students, especially lower income, first generation college, and minority students, an opportunity to achieve high school and college academic success, to explore and pursue vocational and career aspirations, and to prepare themselves for future college experiences in a supportive, academically-challenging environment supported by Fayette County Public Schools and Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

About the School

  • What Makes OMC Unique?

    • OMC provides the opportunity for high school students  to attend/be enrolled in both college and high school courses while completing the high school credit requirements necessary for receiving a high school diploma.  In all instances, OMC students receive dual credit for each college course. Some college courses such as ENG 101 count as a “required” dual credit course.  Students will receive 3 college credit hours on the college transcript AND 1.0 high school credit on the high school transcript…for the same course!!  Other college courses such as COM 252 count as an “elective” dual credit course with the students receiving 3 college hours on the college transcript and 1.0 high school credit on the high school transcript…for the same course.
    • OMC provides the opportunity for high school students to earn college hours free of personal costs in their pursuit of obtaining an Associate Degree, a four year degree, or a technical program certificate/diploma, while still enrolled in high school.
    • OMC students are required to complete the state graduation credit requirement (22 credits) for graduation, instead of the assigned FCPS high school graduation requirement, which ranges from 22 to 26 credits depending on the assigned high school.  (The difference is 4 elective credits for those schools requiring 26 credits.)
    • OMC students will graduate with their peers at their assigned high school graduation ceremony and  their diploma will be issued by the high school.  Students are also allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities that are held at their assigned high school including sports, clubs, student organizations, prom, etc.


    District Office: 

    If you cannot reach Frank LaBoone or need assistance at the district level, please contact Jack Hayes, a School Leadership support specialist, at (859) 381-4233.