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    Jill Tuttle,
    (859) 381-4786

    Jodi Jelinek,
    student information system support specialist
    (859) 381-4137

    Erin Tadeo,
    student information system support specialist
    (859) 559-1392

    Drew Butcher
    lead support technician
    (859) 381-4146

    Dana Hendrickson,
    database administrator
    (859) 381-4780


  • Using IC's Messenger

    • When sending messages through IC, remember to include the sender's name and school at the bottom of the body of the message.  This is best practice for classroom teachers as well as other school staff.
    • A new feature in IC allows you to now customize the sender's name when sending emails.  Once you check the email checkbox you will see the new field.  


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  • Parents/guardians and other non-staffers should be referred to the IC page on the district's public website: fcps.net/ic