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  • /// Here's the basic list and recommended order. You can add, delete, and edit the positions as needed for your school. /// 

    Quick Contacts

    (859) 381-4100  /// school's main office number goes here ///

    Principal: Tammy Lane, (859) 381-4236 /// Please embed the email addresses. Direct phone lines are optional. ///

    Assistant Principal: Tammy Lane /// No bold needed on titles since the name links are auto-bolded and the contrast looks better ///

    Administrative Assistant: xxxxxxx

    Attendance Clerk: xxxxxxx

    Registrar: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Bookkeeper: xxxxxxxxxx

    English Learners (EL) Lead Teacher: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Librarian: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Guidance Counselors or Guidance Specialist: xxxxxxxxxxx

    District Mental Health Specialist: xxxxxxxxxxx

    School Nurse: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Social Worker: xxxxxxxxxxx

    FRC or YSC Coordinator: xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Cafeteria Manager: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Title IX Coordinator: xxxxxxxx 

    District Support: Chief School Leadership Officer xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx, (859) 381-xxxx (Tammy will keep this one updated for you)


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