Parent Information

  • Arrival and Dismissal Times

    The school day begins at 7:45 and ends at 2:35. Doors open in the morning at 7:15 and students will report to the gym until 7:30, when they will be dismissed to their classrooms. At 2:35, our Silent Dismissal screen runs and students are dismissed according to their transportation home. 

    Parking Information

    Please do not park in the front bus lane within 45 minutes of arrival or dismissal time. We have additional parking on both sides of the building (at the entrance off of Sovereign Lane and at the Jekyll Drive entrance). Please also make sure you park in a parking spot and not in the playground area. 

    Visitor Information

    Any time you visit our school you must check in at the front office. They will give you a visitor sticker that you must wear visibly. When you leave, check out in the front office. 

    How do I volunteer and get involved?

    Please consider volunteering with our PTA this year, as well as in your child's classroom. To volunteer through the PTA, click HERE to sign up. Contact your child's teacher for opportunities to volunteer in the classroom. Many teachers also request for parents to chaperone field trips. Before you volunteer in any capacity, you must have a background check on file with FCPS. That information can be found HERE

    Click here for more information about volunteer procedures! 

    Contact the PTA President, Rebekah Boyd, with any questions regarding PTA.

    Helpful Tips

    • Please remember that you must send in a written note with a parent/guardian signature for student absences, even if you spoke on the phone with the registrar.
    • Any time you know your child will be absent, feel free to call and notify the school that morning.
    • EARLY DISMISSAL (in case of inclement weather) - Watch the local news, check our website, and check for emails from your child's teacher. We must have confirmation from you on how your child will get home that day.