Welcome to the Library

Welcome to the JLA Library Media Center
  • Media Specialist                                                                                              

    Laura A. Barnes                                                                                                                    laura.barnes@fayette.kyschools.us



    Library Hours:  Monday-Friday, 7:15 AM-3:00 PM 

    Library Schedule:  JLA students visit the library on a five day rotation schedule with their homeroom classes.  On each day of the rotation schedule, a block of time is open to allow teachers to schedule an additional 50 minute session as needed.  

    Student Checkout:  JLA students checkout books when their classes visit the library.  In addition, students who need to exchange library books sooner may visit the library anytime the classroom teacher allows. 

    Fines:  Lost or damaged library books must be paid for so that new copies may be purchased for the enjoyment of other students.