Parent Information

  • At Coventry Oak, we have multiple ways to connect with families.  Classroom teachers use Remind 101, Class Dojo, and weekly classroom newsletters to keep parents informed.   As a Title I school, Coventry Oak hosts Family Learning Nights to showcase student work and inform families about what students are learning.  Our monthly Coventry Oak newsletter, Comet Community, is another way we communicate important dates, upcoming events, and schoolwide happenings with families. The montly Comet Community newsletters can be found below.

Comet Community

Highlighted Information

  • Doors open: 7:15 a.m.

    School Day Officially Begins: 7:45 a.m.

    Dismissal: 2:35 p.m.

    Families: If you need to do a transportation change for your child, you will either need to come to the office and fill out a new form or send a note. We need the change in writing. We do not take changes over the phone.

    Thanks for your help with this.

    After School Clubs:


Volunteering at Coventry Oak

  • We love having families and community members volunteer at Coventry Oak!  In order to volunteer at our school, you must submit a Volunteer Application with the district.  After that is approved, the school will provide you will Volunteer Training.  In order to keep our students and staff safe, we require that all volunteers and visitors follow the Board Policy for school visitors as listed below:

    Visitors to the Schools

    To ensure that school personnel are aware of the presence of visitors, visits to classrooms shall be scheduled in advance unless authorized by the Principal/designee and all visitors must report immediately to the school front office upon entering the school and identify themselves as well as their purposes for visiting.

    Communications between home and school must be an integral part of the educational process if students are to achieve the greatest educational success. Therefore, parents, guardians, and family members are welcomed and encouraged to visit their child's school, under the following guidelines:

    1. Visits must not interrupt the instructional program for students, i.e., teaching, testing, etc.
    2. Visits should be scheduled in advance with the teacher and/or Principal.
    3. Visits must be reasonable in length and frequency.
    4. Visits should be related to the need(s) of the child.
    5. All visitors shall follow school check-in/check-out procedures.


    Visitor to the Schools Policy