Coaches and Staff
  • Dear ladies,
    Thanks for your interest in our basketball program. We are getting closer to tryouts and our waiting for tryout dates. It's up to you to be prepared. 
    Here are Coach Wilsons' old school workouts for advanced girls.
    • 1mile jog with basketball every day.
    • Jump rope 10 min
    • Ball sprints 10-15
    • Push-ups 25
    • Sit-ups 25
    • Wall sits 1min3 times
    4 days a week or more if possible.
    • Side to side slides without crossing your feet 60 sec x 3
    • Stationary cross over ,right-hand left-hand dribbling, between the legs. figure 8 dribble.
    • Lay ups : right and left hand make (50 each slow and fast. Keep eyes off the ball.
    • Dribble around obsticals lay ups.
    • Cone or chair dribbling 10-15 min
    • Two ball dribbles, alternating two ball dribbling, zig-zag -two ball dribble
    • Jump shooting close range then long range. Remember dart plate arm. Shooting arm shaped into a 90-degree angle tucked to your side wrist flat sticking your hand in the rim.
    • Bank shooting(make 25 each)
    • 3 to 5 dribbles jump shooting (make 20 )
    • One hand close range form shooting.
    Cool Down
    • light jog or bike ride.
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