Our Mission

  • Learning is the mission of Lexington Traditional Magnet School, where great minds are developed. This is achieved through the delivery of integrated curricula rich in communication and creativity from master teachers who seek continual self- and school improvement while providing a climate of mutual respect among the families, the community, and the school. Students actively participate in their school through engaging technology and arts-enriched lessons as they grow toward academic mastery.

About the School

  • Our school has a rich tradition of excellence in math and other academic competitions, and our band and orchestra consistently receive distinguished ratings. LTMS also offers a rich variety of world language courses including Latin and Chinese.

    Across the board, we actively teach our PROWL guidelines for success:

    • Prepared
    • Respectful
    • On task/On time
    • Winning attitude
    • Lead by example 

    How to enroll

    To enter LTMS, students should either live in the assigned attendance area or inquire through the application process. To qualify, they must be reading on grade level and have a "C" average or better in all core content classes. Once the Magnet School Committee has determined eligibility, the students will be placed in the lottery pool. 

    About the Pathways Program

    The Pathways at LTMS is where high interest content meets personalization. Students will be challenged academically through rigorous, high interest programming and pedagogy.  LTMS provides 1:1 chromebooks enabling 21st-century Learning for all students. The Pathways at LTMS include Summit Learning Academy, Visual & Performing Arts, STEM, and Liberal Arts. Our students will develop strong critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, technology, and researching skills.

    In addition to accelerated core content courses, STEM Pathway students will benefit from the Gateway curriculum by Project Lead The Way, LEGO Robotics and CODE.org: App Creators, Automation and Robotics, Design and Modeling, Energy and Environment, Flight and Space, Magic of Electrons, Medical Detectives, Computer Science for Innovators and Makers, Coding, LEGO Robotics, Drone Coding, and 3D Printing. Supporting math coursework includes: Statistics, Probability, Algebraic Ideas Enrichment, Geometry Enrichment and Fraction Enrichment.

    In addition to accelerated core content courses, Liberal Arts Pathway features gifted & talented curriculum from William and Mary, The Great Books Foundation and History Alive: Civics, Sociology, Psychology, Law & Justice, African American History, US Government, Economics, Women’s Studies,  Drama, 21st Century Presentations, Debate, Intro to Journalism, Journalism Production, Media Journalism, Intro to Lit/Creative Writing, Literary Analysis, Literary Publication

    Visual & Performing Arts students experience specialty classes tailored toward the development and expansion of the skills and knowledge necessary for growth in their area of talent and passion.

    • Performing Arts: Smart Music, Auditions, Performance, Noteflight-Composition, Music History, Advanced Scale Study,Theory and Etudes, Peer mentoring, Friday Masterclass, Chamber Music.
    • Visual Arts: Elements & Principles of Design, Intro to Portfolio, Advanced Drawing, Painting Techniques, Printmaking, Art History, 3-Dimensional Work.  

    Entrance criteria

    STEM and Liberal Arts

    Requirements: Teacher recommendation; History of MAP Scores 70th percentile or higher in reading and math; acceptable behavior record.

    • Liberal Arts Pathway is best for students with strong verbal and written communication skills who have a high interest in literature, writing, and social sciences.
    • STEM Pathway is best for student with high interest and ability in math, science and technology.

    Visual & Performing Arts

    Requirements: Teacher recommendation; completed application process; acceptable behavior record.

    • Best for students who excel in the visual and/or performing arts and plan to continue their art training into high school and possibly various visual or performing art career fields.
    • Late applications for this Pathway are allowable in order to complete the full application process: portfolio, letters of recommendation and audition.