Mission and Vision

  • Vision

    What do we want to embody in the present and sustain in the future?

    Garrett Morgan Elementary will be a positive and safe environment that:

    • Engages students in rigorous instruction
    • Ensures all students learn and grow
    • Celebrates and respects the unique community of learners we represent


    Why do we exist?

    Garrett Morgan Elementary exists to:

    • Create life-long learners who value education and are encouraged to explore, make mistakes, and problem solve
    • Develop students’ unique interests and talents to aide in the endless possibilities of their future success.


    • Having high expectations for ourselves and all of our students
    • Providing purposeful, rigorous, and individualized instruction
    • Creating a safe and welcoming environment for our students and their families
    • Maintaining a positive attitude with a growth mindset
    • Building relationships with staff and students to contribute to a respectful and inclusive culture

About the School

  • Garrett Morgan Elementary is one of Fayette County School's newest schools.  We opened in Fall 2016. Garrett Morgan was a Kentucky native who invented and patented multiple devices, including a sewing machine and a breathing device to protect soldiers and firefighters exposed to toxic fumes and fire.  His “safety hood,” as it came to be known, is credited for the rescue of two workers trapped in the 1916 Cleveland Tunnel Explosion.  Later, Morgan created and patented the three-light traffic signal, incorporating a warning light to alert drivers to slow down and/or stop.  Morgan represents the innovation, diligence, and creativity which we will seek to instill and cultivate in all of our students at GME.

The front of the school building.