About the School

  • Dixie Magnet Elementary School is an open-complex school that nurtures the philosophy of a school family and professional learning community. Our magnet emphasis provides an instructional program for every child that maximizes individual strengths and interests. We give each student a chance to appreciate his uniqueness, realize his full potential, develop and learn according to his own style and ability, and become a responsible, successful learner and citizen. The prescribed education allows for plans and objectives to be developed, taking into account the physical, social, emotional and academic development of each student. Children are given responsibilities, choices and opportunities to use self-discipline within a controlled environment. Dixie also accommodates different learning styles. Entrance is determined by a lottery process, or the student must live in the assigned attendance area.

    FCPS online application -- The window typically is Aug. 15 to Oct. 7 for the following school year. It's not a first-come, first-served system. Applications may be submitted anytime during the window, and all receive equal consideration.

Our Vision

  • Dixie strives to positively impact the future by preparing our students to be confident, hardworking, and goal-oriented individuals. Our vision is to strengthen our students' abilities to live healthy, balanced lives in which they both fulfill their responsibilities and use their compassion and creativity to make a positive difference in the world.

    We strive to individually prescribe education for all students. In addition, the five components of the arts (music, drama, visual art and media/digital art) are naturally integrated into daily instruction. Our arts integrated approach engages students towards mastery of higher level content through arts infused learning opportunities. Dixie students apply 21st century skills: Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, Critical, and Creative Thinking, as well as character development and high-quality human relationships.  

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  • Our Mission

    Dixie Magnet Elementary seeks to accelerate student achievement through personalized learning.  Unique experiences will foster academic, social, and emotional growth, as well as instill self-confidence and cross-cultural understanding.  In partnership with our families and community, our goal is to empower students to be leaders and a positive force in our changing world.

    Our Beliefs

    We believe that students' learning needs should be the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school. The responsibility for educating a child is a partnership involving the family, school, and community. Each child is unique and differs from other individuals in their capabilities, interests, needs and rate of physical intellectual, emotional and social growth; therefore, diversity is accepted, appreciated and encouraged. School should be a safe environment where all children can be successful learners, performing according to their abilities and where the needs of all children are accommodated.