Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to challenge minds, create lifelong learners, and cultivate kindness through a collaborative community that prepares every child for a successful future. 

Vision Statement


    All Coventry Oak Elementary students will be respectful, responsible, prepared, problem solvers at school and within the community.

About the School

  •  Coventry Oak Elementary is one of the newest schools in Fayette County. We opened our doors in fall 2016 in a residential area near the junction of Georgetown and Spurr roads. Our school name blends two important neighborhoods in northwest Lexington – Coventry, a newly established neighborhood, and Oakwood, a historic one.

    Coventry Oak Elementary school is diverse - socioeconomically, racially, in ethnicity and culture. We love to celebrate our uniqueness and promote respect and discovery among us all. Our motto is “Challenge minds, create learners, cultivate futures.” Coventry Oak is laying the foundations for a bright future. We have developed a solid mission, vision and creed that establishes our hopes, dreams and promises for the futures of our children.

The front of Coventry Oak Building