Cassidy Building
  • Cassidy Elementary School 

Mission & Vision

  • Cassidy Mission:

    Every child a proficient learner and good citizen.


    Cassidy Vision:


About Our School

  • Academic Programs: The academic program at Cassidy is designed to educate and empower students to reach their potential through a comprehensive educational program. The curriculum emphasizes basic communications and mathematical skills, problem-solving, responsible group membership and the integration of knowledge in core areas including Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Arts and Humanities. The school promotes the development of attitudes that appreciate diversity, and the encouragement of meaningful participation in a changing world. Cassidy School is the child’s first step in the process of life-long learning. 

    Other Programs: Special courses are taught in the areas of Speech, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Art, Science Lab, Physical Education, Library skills and Computer. In addition, students participate in a variety of fun but challenging programs including Young Authors, Science Fair, and Governor’s Cup. Services for learning disabled students are provided on a resource basis. The Booster Program also provides mentors, tutoring and other assistance for students.

    After-School Activities: Periodic class offerings are made in Visual Arts, Arts and Crafts, Tumbling and Performance Workshops with the Lexington Children’s Theater. Cassidy School also operates a special program designed for students of working parents after school.

    Academic Progress: Cassidy School students have a demonstrated history of excellence in student achievement. Not only have a large percentage of students performed “on grade level” but some students who have been somewhat behind have also made significant gains during the year. The school’s Academic Index rose 7.5 points in 2001 while novice performances were reduced by 5.5%


Other School Information