Creative Media Productions

  • Our team highlights events, activities, people, and educational programs that promote the vision and mission of Fayette County Public Schools. Our television broadcasts run from 9 a.m. until midnight, and archived programs can be viewed anytime on YouTube. Call us at (859) 381-4253 for instructions on free downloading of FCPS-ETV videos. 

    Multimedia requests: We welcome your tips and suggestions about innovative districtwide programs, successful community partnerships, and new or unique school activities. Please provide 10 days' notice if your school or department seeks live coverage (video/broadcast, photography, press release, website feature, etc.).

    Tune in: Watch on our livestream service or the district's YouTube channel. We're also on cable TV on MetroNet channel 2 and Spectrum channel 197. (Our broadcast is not currently available on Windstream channel 13.) If you have trouble with your MetroNet or Spectrum reception, please call the service provider.

    Web tip: The URL shortcut to this page is or