Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Brian Craig

I grew up in a unique situation in Woodford County where my dad was the maintenance manager of a large horse farm and we raised tobacco and beef cattle on our farm.  This allowed me to gain knowledge in multiple areas of agriculture.  I began farming my own crops and livestock at the age of 14 as well as working on local horse farms in the maintenance department.  I have worked at different equipment dealerships in both the parts and service departments.  After graduating from the University of Kentucky in 2001 I pursued farming on a full time basis as well as operating a pasture maintenance business.   In 2011 I decided to pursue a career in teaching and started at Locust Trace.  I currently live in Mercer County and still operate a farm where I have 40 crossbred cows.  I love fixing up old farm equipment and using it to farm.  I am married to my wife, Sherri, and have a daughter, Gracie, along with our two border collie mix dogs, Lucy and Jessie.

At Locust Trace I am the AG Mechanics Instructor.  I teach a small engines class in which students get very hands on working with small engines and landscape equipment.  I have an AG Power class which allows students to test their skills and knowledge on larger tractors and equipment repairs, maintenance and operation.  My construction class gives the students an all-around farm maintenance knowledge and skills base in areas such as electricity, wood construction, masonry, plumbing and welding.  I also have a class for students who may not be interested in the details of how an engine operates but do want to gain valuable skills to help them in the future such as operating equipment or servicing a vehicle.  Outside of the classroom my role at Locust Trace is to see that the grounds are well maintained.  My students and I take care of pasture renovation and mowing, equipment maintenance and help with the infrastructure of Locust Trace.