Degrees and Certifications:

University of Kentucky: Bachelor of Science - Social Work Law Enforcement Training and Certifications: Kentucky Certified Police Officer (POPS Cert.) DOCJT basic training DOCJT supervision academy NORSE SWAT school certification 800+ hours of Collision Reconstruction Investigation 1600+ hours of extra training in law enforcement

Lt. Scott Adkins

Hello!  I am Lt. Adkins, and I am really excited to be the Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Pathway teacher at Eastside.  I have 21 years of experience and I chose to teach high school career and technical education because I loved my career and still love it!  I want to pass along the knowledge and wisdom I gained to the future of our world.  I have always enjoyed feeling like I helped others. 

I am really excited about the new school year and I cannot wait to meet our new students and warmly welcome back our returning students.  It is so fun getting to meet and know new people.

It's important that students and their families know I want all my students to be successful, whether that is in my class or on this journey we call life.  I realize that only a handful of the students that take my class will actually find a career in law enforcement/criminal justice, but there is so much that they can still benefit from the class.

Years at Eastside: This is my first year at Eastside! (I did sub for most of the spring 2022 semester.)

Work History: 20+ year veteran of Nicholasville Police Department, retired lieutenant, previous experience: Child Protection Services, Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation for Comp Care, Life Guard, and LaserQuest.

Hometown: Elliott County, KY

Family: Wendy-wife 26 years RN, Madison-21 year old daughter graduate of MSU (Ag Education), Baileigh-20 year old daughter student and EKU (History Education) cheerleader  

Pets: Two mutts that belong to my daughters :-)

Hobbies: Video Games, Hunting, Fishing, Most Sports (especially UK), Jeep'n

Fun Fact: Allergic to Caffeine

3 Words That Describe You: Optimistic, Dependable, Caring

Cats or Cardinals: C-A-T-S! Cats! Cats! Cats!

Pet Peeve: Loud Eaters

Hero: My Parents

Favorite Book: Harry Potter series, Game of Thrones series

Best piece of advice: Don't make assumptions

When I am alone I...: Like to play video games to help me reduce stress

The best part of waking up is: I'm still here!!