• NTI Weather Days

    Fayette County Public Schools may use NTI (non-traditional instruction) in place of traditional closings or delays because of severe weather. We hope this allows students to continue learning online when weather makes it unsafe to attend school in person. This option also lets us avoid extending the school year to make up for weather-related cancellations. 

    STEAM Academy NTI Information

    Canvas/Login Information

    • All course work and ZOOM links will be on Canvas

    Classroom Schedules and Resources

    • Students should look at each class based on their daily schedule that they follow
    • Asynchronous Instruction (independent, not-live instructions/activities)
    • Announcements and assignments will be posted in Canvas
    • No new material/content is presented.*
      • *New Material Allowable for Certain HS Classes (example: Dual Credit, IB, AP)

      • Students with Dual Credit courses should still follow university schedules for accessing course content and ZOOMs.

     Teacher Office Hours

    • 1:30-3:30PM on NTI Days
    • ZOOM Links are located on the homepage for each of the student's Canvas/STEAM courses
      • (Teachers will be live in a ZOOM Room waiting for students to join if needed.)