• Tuesday, Janauary 18 is a NTI Day



    During the 2021-2022 school year Fayette County Public Schools will begin the possible use of NTI (non-traditional instruction) in place of traditional closings or delays due to sever weather.

    A traditional school closing due to severe weather means school buildings are closed, afternoon activities are cancelled, students have the day off and the time may be made up or added to the current school year's calendar.  On an NTI weather day, school buildings are still closed and afternoon activities are still cancelled, but students participate in learning at home so it counts as a school day and will not need to be made up or added to the calendar.

    On NTI weather days, student work will be posted to Canvas, but no live instruction or classes will be held.  Teachers will hold office hours from 10:30 am-12:30 pm, with an office hour link posted on their Canvas page. 


    Remote learning may be considered under any of the following conditions:

    • Widespread outbreak of illness within the school community
    • Unmanageable percentage of a school's classroom teacher absences are unfilled
    • Absences of essential classified staff impede the school's ability to operate safely

    Before shifting to remote learning, FCPS will make every effort to institute temporary measures the school can take to maintain safe and nurturing learning environments and deploy district support services staff to help.  We will continue to keep our schools open as consistently as possible as long as we are confident we can do so safely.

    On remote learning days, we will hold live Zoom classes, following the schedule below: