NTI Weather Days

  • Fayette County Public Schools may use NTI (non-traditional instruction) in place of traditional closings or delays because of severe weather. We hope this allows students to continue learning online when weather makes it unsafe to attend school in person. This option also lets us avoid extending the school year to make up for weather-related cancellations. 

    Stonewall Specific Information:

    On NTI Days, students will be expected to complete assignments asynchronously on Google Classroom/Bitmoji Classroom (please refer to teacher communication for direction on how to access). Participation in these tasks will count as attendance for the day.

    - Teachers will have open office hours via Zoom from 8:30-10:30 AM should your student have any questions.

    District Resources: 

    NTI details on the district site

    FCPS Weather Guidelines

    Need assistance?:

    Tech support

    Help Desk: (858) 381-4410