• Overview
    Our planning committee has developed a SBDM approved plan to offer students project based learning opportunities around the theme “How do I Help and Connect with My Community?”.  Invitations were sent to students in specific grade levels for session one and session two.  All Kindergarteners transitioning into school will be attending one day with their class for session three. Families will be communicated with directly with further details. 

    Goal of Summer Ignite 
    Provide robust, rigorous, and engaging opportunities for students to accelerate and extend learning in preparation for the 2021-22 school year.

    Summer Ignite at VPE will operate during three sessions:

    •       Session 1 – June 8–June 25 (Current 3-5 Students) - on a waitlist
    •       Session 2 – July 6-July 23 (Current K-2 Students) - on a waitlist
    •       Session 3 – July 26-30 for incoming Kindergarten Students (all K’s will receive an invitation with details in June)

    Hours of each session will be:

    •       Elementary programs will run from 8 a.m. to noon.

    Students will receive breakfast and lunch during the program, free of charge.

    Please see this presentation for more information about the Summer Ignite Program that was shared during the parent meeting.