• Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports

    Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports is a schoolwide approach to building a positive school culture and climate. Using the PBIS framework, schools develop a continuum of evidence-based practices for developing and implementing schoolwide expectations and acknowledgments. The VLA team has begun building the PBIS system for the Virtual Learning Academy. As we continue through this school year, you can expect to hear more about this exciting work!

  • Meet the PBIS Team Members:

    • Dedeeh Newbern: District PBIS Coach
    • Jamie Burch: Program Director
    • April Clement: PGE Coach & PBIS Coach
    • Mark Cook: Middle School & High School Counselor
    • Jennifer Adams: High School English Teacher
    • Sarah Moon: Middle School Math Teacher
    • Ashley Martin: 2nd Grade Teacher
    • Kiauna Coleman: 1st Grade Teacher
VLA PBIS Expectations