• Recess 

    • Recess will be scheduled daily for 20 minutes one time a day. 
    • Playground equipment may be used. 
    • Students must practice good hand hygiene by washing their hands before going out to play and immediately upon returning inside the school building.
    • Students will practice social distancing and wear masks during.
    • The schedule will limit how many classes are at recess at one time. 

    Special Areas 

    • Specials teacher’s schedules and locations for instruction will be altered to reduce hallway traffic and allow for cleaning and sanitation. 
    • Special area classes can be held in the special area teachers rooms and will be held for 45 minutes. 
    • There will be 15 minutes between classes for cleaning and sanitizing.


    • Each class will be scheduled for restroom breaks using their assigned restroom.
    • A maximum of four students will be allowed in one restroom at a time.
    • Floor markings will be used allowing students to keep their distance.
    • Students will use hand sanitizer when entering and wash with soap and water when exiting.
    • Custodians will provide additional restroom cleanings during a rotation schedule throughout the day every 30 minutes.


    • Students will move to intervention and support, as needed, based on service plans. When possible, services will be provided in homeroom classrooms.
    • Desk barriers will be utilized with all specialists and teachers in small group settings. 
    • Areas will be disinfected and sanitized between each group.
    • Students will bring their own materials including pencils and paper.


    • Lunch will be served to some students in the cafeteria and some in their classrooms. 
    • Students will eat at individual desks that have been placed to social distance as much possible and facing the same direction.
    • Students will have assigned seats in the cafeteria.
    • All tables will be cleaned by adults to ensure proper cleaning.
    • Staff will provide support of supervision in the cafeteria during lunch times.
    • Students will not be permitted to share food. 
    • No outside visitors will be allowed for lunch.

    Water Fountains 

    • Water fountains will not be open for use.Every student will have a water bottle  provided by the district and will be allowed to have it at their seat. Students are  encouraged to bring these filled from home each day.