• Wintry forecasts, severe weather, or poor road conditions can prompt Fayette County Public Schools to change routines or daily schedules in the district. It's a good idea to prepare in advance, especially if you need to arrange child care. We make the announcements as soon as possible through the local news, social media, the district's website, FCPS-ETV, and via phone calls, texts, and emails to our families. Please make sure your child's school has up-to-date phone numbers and emergency contacts for your family.

       Students' safety is our top priority. Depending on the conditions, FCPS has these choices:

      1. Use NTI (non-traditional instruction)
      2. Cancel school
      3. Delay the start of school
      4. Dismiss school early

      Our goal is to let you know of changes as early as possible, preferably the evening before the affected school day. However, sometimes we must make the decision in the morning. Families should hear from us no later than 5:30 a.m. on the day of the change.

      2022-2023 NTI Days

      With an NTI weather day, school buildings are closed but students participate in learning at home, so it counts as a school day and does not need to be made up or added to the calendar. Students use their Chromebooks to complete lessons virtually. The district has informed us that if an NTI day were to happen, that we would know enough in advance to send chromebooks and chargers home with students. We will not be taking chromebooks and chargers home daily during the winter months like we did in the 2021-2022 school year. During the announced NTI days, please be in communication with your child's teacher via Class Dojo for more information and NTI instructions. 

      2022-2023 Snow Days 

      A traditional closing means school buildings are closed, students have the day off, and the time might be made up or added to the current school year’s calendar.

      If school is canceled, all preschool sessions are canceled, too. Afternoon and evening student activities are canceled for elementary and middle schools. Activities for adults, such as SBDM council and PTA meetings, may continue at the principal’s discretion.

      • Make-up days:

        State law requires school districts to make up every day missed so that the school year includes at least 170 days of teaching and learning and 1,062 instructional hours. There is no exception unless FCPS misses 20 consecutive days or a change is approved by the governor or General Assembly. The FCPS calendars are updated after the district confirms each make-up date.

        Delayed Start 

        Schools start either one or two hours later than normal, as announced. Buses run regular routes; just add one or two hours to the regularly scheduled times. Breakfast will be available before school. School dismissal times remain the same, and afternoon and evening activities continue as usual. Decisions about making up the time missed will be made on a case-by-case basis according to state guidelines.

        All preschool sessions are canceled (a.m., p.m., and full-day).

        Early Dismissal 

        Afternoon preschool sessions, afternoon technical center classes, and after-school and evening activities are all canceled. Buses will run afternoon routes, adjusted for the early dismissal. Simply subtract from the regular drop-off times. Decisions about making up the time missed will be made on a case-by-case basis in accordance with state guidelines. Please be on the lookout from your child's teacher via Class Dojo during early dismissal days.