• WMS Principal's Message


    Students and families,


    Welcome to the UNPRECEDENTED NTI-2DL start to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are working diligently to ensure students are provided quality educational experiences during this time that align to our mission and vision of student growth and achievement.  

    Students and families, it is imperative that everyone understands this year’s NTI-2DL is much different than the NTI process we used from April to May of last school year.  Using the CANVAS platform will require students to attend live classroom sessions daily as well as complete and submit assignments into each of their CANVAS courses.  Those assignments will be graded using the same criteria that would be used if students were in an in-person educational setting meaning grades will reflect a student’s learning of material - not just a reflection of attempting the work.


    Take pride in being a Warrior!


    Mike Hale, WMS Principal