NTI Guide for Families & Students

  • This guidebook explains how NTI/2DL will be conducted at Glendover Elementary School and provides resources to support families and students.  Some of these procedures may change depending on the needs of our students and families. 

    Our main objective is to ensure our students have opportunities to continue learning during this break in their traditional learning at school.  However, it is just as important to us that our students and families stay physically and emotionally healthy during this time, as well. You will find resources below to help you meet these non-academic needs. 


    Classroom Instruction and Meetings 

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    • Each morning of Non-Traditional Instruction, your child’s homeroom teacher will:
      • You should expect for the coursework in all of the core subjects combined to take this amount of time each day:
        • Kindergarten-1st grade: up to 1-1.5 hours
        • 2nd-3rd grades: up to 2 hours
        • 4th-5th grades: up to 2.5 hours
      • Post a Daily Checklist on Class Dojo (for parents to see) and also in the Google Classroom (for students to see) to outline what is due for the day, which special area students will have work for, etc.
      • Post that day’s Coursework in either Google Classroom (1st - 5th) or Class Dojo Class Story (K).   This work will continue standards-based instruction and activities that would be happening in the classroom.   
    • Each day, classroom teachers will conduct a virtual Class Meeting to share the daily checklist, give students opportunities to share with their classmates, and/or provide a content area mini lesson. 

    School-Wide Announcements

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    • Each day Dr. Fine will share school-wide Morning Announcements through the Class Dojo School Story.  Students and parents should check in daily to stay connected with Glendover happenings.

    Support Staff

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    • Intervention, Gifted/Talented, & ESL Teachers will provide instruction and activities for their students.  If this applies to your child, these teachers will contact you.
    • Special Education teachers will communicate with families to complete IEP requirements.

    Student Attendance

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    • Students must complete their required assignments in Google Classroom or in the NTI packet in order to count towards their participation in Not Traditional Instruction.
    • If your child is not able to complete their NTI work for the day, please contact their homeroom teacher.  

    Family Resources

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    Important Links

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    Supplemental Activities 

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