Assistance for Families

  • New Resources (6/4/2020)

    Updated Food Resources

    Bethel Harvest - Provides food boxes through their ministry every Thurday from 6-8PM. 3260 Lexington Rd., Nicholasville, KY (immediately after you pass Brannon Crossing o the left hand side of Nicholasville Rd - going toard Nicholasville.

    Fayette County Schools Meal Program Distribution locations.

    Tates Creek Christian Church: Food pantry available, no questions asked.  Tue/Thursday, 1:30-3:30pm

    God's Pantry - Call 859-259-2308 and they will walk the family through the simple process of recieving food.

    Pandemic Food Electronic Benefiet Program - Please encourage families to apply! Information attached in Spanish, too.

    Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) provides assistance to households with children elieble for free or reduced-price school meals while schools are closed due to COVID-19 P-EBT provides a benefits card families can use to replace school meals while schools are closed. The total benefit is $313.50. (This may be reduced if the student's eligibility began afoter March 1, 2020).

    Eligibility: All public and private school students who qualified for free or reduced-price meals, whose schools participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are eligible for P-EBT. Students who were enrolled in schools that provide free meals for all students, referred to as Community Eligibility Provision schools (CEP schools), are all eligible


    1. Automatic participation from SNAP benefit: Currently enrolled students who are receiving SNAP benefits on an active EBT card automatically will receive additional funds for P-EBT on their card.  The guardian/parent does not need to do anything.
    2. Automatic participation from other Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) income-eligible program benefits: Currently enrolled students who are receiving Medicaid or KTAP benefits based on income levels below NSLP income guidelines, or who are in foster care, will automatically receive a P-EBT card in the mail with instructions.  The guardian/parent does not need to do anything.
    3. Elective Participation: Students who do not qualify based on automatic participation, or who are unsure and are eligible to receive a free or reduced-price lunch should complete a simple online P-EBT application:  Student name, address, date of birth, and Statewide Student Identification (SSID) are required.  (We have provided your student's SSID number below.)  Applications open for 30 days beginning JUNE 1, 2020.  Once the applicant receives confirmation of approval, the household will be mailed a P-EBT card.

    Student Name:  student.firstName  student.lastName

    Student State ID (SSID):   student.stateID

    You will receive a separate email for each student.  *Please note, this is not the ID number in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  You may contact the FCPS tech help line if you need help accessing your child's SSID number  (859-381-4410).  This help line will not be able to answer any other questions regarding P-EBT.

     Please see the FAQ link below or email: for additional questions about P-EBT.

    Frequently asked questions: 

    Team Kentucky Fund applications are being accepted online. 

    • Funds can assist with rent and utilities
    • $1,000 per household
    • SS Number will be required as well as other information listed on the website.

    Please contact your local Communicty Action outread office if you have questions about the application process. You can locate your county offics as well as find information about additional COVID-19 resources on the Community Action Kentucky website.


    The Fair Housing Council recommends filling out this request for help for anyone dealing with a COVID-19 related rent problem.  It is a formal request for help.

    COVID -19 Renter Help

    Covid-19 Renter Help Lexington, KY. This is the first step to helpingyou keep your home through and after the COVID-19 pandemic (Para completar le encuestra en espanol, haz aqui) if you are unable to complete this online form, please call (859) 474-7235 to complete an intake form. COVID-19 Renter Help

    La Encuesta en Espanol

    Ayudando a los inquilinos de Lexington a mantenerse saludables en casa.  La encuesta en espanol

    Hot Spots:

    Internet "Hot Spots" will be delivered to several families by the student support team in the next week.  

    New Food Resources (5/10/2020)

    Bethel Harvest

    Provides food boxes through their ministry every Thursdays from 6-8pm

    3260 Lexington Rd., Nicholasville KY (immediately after you pass Brannon Crossing on the left hand side of Nicholasville Rd.-  going towards Nicholasville

    First Presbyterian Church Community Lunch

    171 Market Street

    No contact distribution, rain or shine

    Saturday, May 16th and Saturday, May 30th

    Distribution begins at 11:30am and runs until approximately 1:00pm (or as long as supplies last/until 30 minutes with no guests)


    Fayette County Schools Meal Program

    FCPS will be serving meals on Mondays & Wednesdays: Monday (2 Breakfast & 2 Lunches), Wednesday (3 Breakfasts & 3 Lunches)

    Any child in Fayette County up to the age of 18 is able to receive free meals from FCPS. Locations for meal pickup.

    Tates Creek Christian Church

    Food pantry available, no questions asked.  Tue/Thurs, 1:30-3:30pm

    God's Pantry

    Call 859-259-2308 and they will walk the family through the simple process of receiving food.


    Emergency Assitance During Covid 19 English_Spanish


    Use SNAP to get Free Fruits and Vegetables with Kentucky Double Dollars at the

    Lexington Farmers Market:

    The market manager will swipe your EBT card and give you EBT tokens to spend, plus some bonue KY Double Dollars (KDD) matching tokens. 

    You will get up to $12.00 in green KDD Fruit & Vegetable tokens. If you spend more than $12.00, can can receive up to $8.00 in additional purple tokens for Meat, Eggs, & Dairy. You may get up to $20.00 total in KDD tokens per day. 

    Spend your tokens on eligible items, then take your fress porduce home and enjoy!

     Employment Opportunities

    Commerce Lexington has a jobs bank on their website where they are trying to keep as many jobs posted during this time as they can for people that are still hiring during this time

    University of Kentucky  STEPS Program- Childcare Workers, Custodian, Bus Driver, Clinical Services Technician, Animal Care Technician



    Community Response Coalition of Kentucky 

      • CRCKY is  limiting call-in hours to Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for all COVID-19 related assistance. If you have an urgent legal emergency, please continue to call us as soon as you need assistance.  Thank you for your patience and rest assured if you leave us a message on our voice mail, we will return your call as soon as possible.


        • Llámenos 1-800-674-9217  Extensión "1"

        • Le ayudaremos dentro de las siguientes 12 horas.

        • Las nuevas as horas de llamadas a los lunes a los viernes, desde las 9:00 am hasta las 5:00 pm, para toda asistencia relacionada con el COVID-19. Nuestro personal necesita tiempo para dar seguimiento a los casos preexistentes para poder servir a nuestros clientes más efectivamente. (Si usted tiene una urgente emergencia legal, por favor continue llamarnos en cuanto que requiera asistencia). Gracias por su paciencia y tenga por seguro que si usted nos deja un mensaje en el buzón de voz, volverámos la llamada lo antes posible.



      • Eviction Rights During COVID-19 - shared with parents:

        • Under Governor Beshear’s State of Emergency orders, landlords CANNOT evict you during this time. While they may threaten to change locks or to file eviction, they legally cannot do so.

        • If you are unable to pay your rent in full, you need to pay as much as you can towards the balance.  Reason being, when the State of Emergency is lifted and if landlords file eviction in court, the documentation of efforts with payments will help considerably toward preventing eviction.

        •  If your landlord is threatening eviction, you have several options:

        • Contact our local councilmember, Susan Lamb, at 859-280-8241 or via email at 

        • Contact the Fair Housing Council at 859-971-8067

        • Contact Lexington City Government by calling 311. They will then direct you to the correct person.

        • If you own a home and are unable to pay your mortgage in full, please contact your mortgage company as soon as possible! Many companies offer programs and support during times such as these, but they need to know your situation. If you simply do not pay in full or at all and do not contact them, your mortgage is at risk for going into default.



      • Tates Creek Christian Church

        • Food pantry available, no questions asked.  Tue/Thurs, 1:30-3:30pm

      • God's Pantry

        • Call 859-259-2308 and they will walk the family through the simple process of receiving food.  

    Basic Needs/Essentials

      • Community Action Council - emergency distribution of specific critical items for individuals/families living in or near poverty or those who have suddenly lost their household income. This emergency initiative will distribute diapers, baby wipes, baby formula and hygiene products as long as supplies are available

        • By appointment only, Location: 913 Georgetown Street

        • Hotline open: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:00pm, For English: (859) 699-3198 or for Spanish: (859) 693-9828

      • Miracle Bubbles

        • Free laundry services including detergent - if you are in need of this service or intend to utilize it, please email Dr.


      • If you have been laid off or have lost your job entirely, please strongly consider applying for unemployment. Benefits are now available to many who have never previously qualified. 

      • Here is the unemployment website to begin that process.

      • Be advised there are specific days on which to apply according to the first letter in your last name. That information is on the website.

      • Places currently hiring