Message from Mrs. Edwards

  • Dear OMC students and families:

    As you know, Gov. Beshear has asked all schools to remain closed until at least April 20. Beginning April 6, 2020, schools will continue to provide instruction through Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) days, which are working days for teachers and instructional days for students. Most FCPS students will access their instructional materials online on NTI days.  

    On our last in-class day, March 13, our OMC teachers communicated with students to explain how to access their Google Classrooms through their Google Drive, logging in with their FCPS student email address and password. Students should access their Fayette County Office 365 account to check their email daily.  Let me know if your student is having difficulty communicating with their teachers. 

    April 6-17:  NTI weeks 1 & 2  

    On NTI days, teachers will maintain an online presence for student support. We all know that our OMC students are also working on their BCTC college classes online as well. To be respectful to the time your student has available, our teachers will post office hours so as to offer flexibility in their access. Please know that our staff is more than willing to help students with their understanding of their online college class material. Aside from office hours, our teachers will have an online presence for support from 9:30-11:30am, during this time, teachers will respond to student emails, engage with students through their online learning platforms, and/or provide electronic feedback on student work. 

    Teachers will review/introduce course content material through their online platforms and introduce students to online learning tools.  Please know that we need our students activitly engaged with us each day. I will ask teachers to let me know which students are not participating online so that we can arrange for paper materials to be sent to those students if they have not already received them. 

    We ask our students and families be flexible with us as we all move through this trying time of struggle. This has been a change that we would have never expected. Our number one goal for our OMC students is that they learn to advocate for themselves. Please communicate with our OMC staff about your needs. Know that we are trying to put a structure in place to support you as much as we can--even at a distance. Take care and know that we will be in touch with you.



    Karen Edwards