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    Beaumont Middle School Instructional Models for 2020-21 School Year 

    NTI: 2DL - Students will receive live instruction in each of their classes 4 days a week via Zoom and Canvas.  Wednesday of each week will be an Asynchronous Day for students in good standing and students that are behind or need additional help will have the opportunity for Virtual Targeted Services in each of their classes.

    In Person Learning -


    Remote Learning - When the Board votes for an In Person Return to School, students that chose to remain remote learners will receive live instruction in each of their classes each day through Zoom and Canvas.  This will be very similar to the NTI:2DL learning, but students will have to follow the Beaumont In Person Bell Schedule with longer classes and shorter class changes and lunch.  In order to accommodate all students, some students may have to switch teams or teachers.