Each teacher will activate their NTI lessons on their Google Classroom accounts beginning Monday, April 6, 2020.  Our students are well versed on Google Classroom, so they will have no issues finding these lessons.  Many of the lessons will be accompanied with a teacher created video, and will clearly be labeled NTI Lesson 1, NTI Lesson 2, etc. 

    For exploratory classes, student should use Infinite Campus to determine what their fourth nine weeks exploratory classes are.  Work will not be provided for educational enhancement classes, except for our open enrollment Algebra I class, MTSS Reading and MTSS Math courses. 

    If you were provided a packet of materials, students should work on those at their own pace.  We do ask that you try to submit these once a week, either by mail, or by dropping them off in our school mailbox.

    Students will need to check in with every teacher each day. This is how teachers will take attendance for each class. Not checking in means your student will be marked as absent for that class that day. Each day, teachers will post a new assignment called Attendance (followed by the Date), in addition to that day’s graded assignment.  To check in, your student will simply respond to the attendance question asked in Google Classroom and click "turn in."  Please note that the check in can be done first thing each day for every class.  Students do not need to wait on their assigned class time to complete the Attendance assignment or the content assignment.

    In addition, a teacher may schedule a live session through Google Meets with their classes.  These will be done according to the regular class time.  We want to maintain our normal schedule for live sessions, so students are not double booked during the day.



    All students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) will receive information from their student’s case manager regarding work expectations, modifications, and accommodations.  At this point, all case managers should have made contact.  If you have not heard from your child’s case manager, please contact your grade level administrator or Mrs. Church.



    Between March 16 to March 27, we distributed 417 Chromebooks.  Chromebook distribution is currently on hold until schools and offices are reopened to the public.



    The district’s technology department is setting up a temporary call in helpdesk for families.  Parents who need technical support with their child's FCPS account or Chromebook can call our temporary Student Tech Support number, 381-4410. Support is available Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5PM beginning March 23, 2020. Support will not be available during Spring Break.



    The district created packets that were distributed on March 13 can be submitted for extra credit.  You may submit these through the mail or you can drop them off in our school mail box.  Please make sure you include your student’s name and their team name on the packet when you submit them.



    Teachers will be available to answer questions or offer assistance based on the schedule below.  If you have a special circumstance, please reach out to your teacher to make other arrangements.    Again, if a teacher schedules a live session for students, it will adhere to the schedule below.  

    Teacher Daily Schedule During NTI Days

    • 1st period: 9:05-10:00
    • 2nd period: 10:04-10:54
    • 3rd period: 10:58-11:48
    • Lunch: 11:48-12:19
    • 4th period: 12:23-1:13
    • 5th period: 1:17-2:07
    • 6th period: 2:11-3:01
    • 7th period: 3:05-3:55