Monday and Wednesday Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday Schedule

    • Students will have a daily “attendance” assignment for each of their classes on Canvas. This will be used to track daily attendance.  Students will be expected to complete this by 4:00 PM each day.  This is different than their daily classwork.
    • Students will meet with each teacher live according to the schedule above, but lessons will also be recorded and posted to the teacher’s Canvas classroom for repeated viewings, or in the event the student is unable to log in during the day.
    • Teachers will be available during virtual office hours to talk to parents and students online, via email, or phone.
    • While students will have live lessons each day, they may not last for the entire one-hour time frame.

Friday Schedule

    • Live lessons are not required but will be done as needed.
    • This is a time for reteach with groups of students.
    • This is a time for remediation if needed.
    • Teachers may pre-teach lessons for the following week.
    • Teachers may reach out to individual students or create small study groups during their class periods.
    • Students should use this time for additional assistance on assignments as needed.