• Non-Traditional Instruction Days

    While schools are closed, FCPS is providing access to the instructors' online class offerings. If students don't have internet access, instructional packets are available.

    Please contact the teachers by email to get the access codes for their Google classrooms or Canvas classrooms. 

    Google Classroom

    Teachers and their class codes:

    Tammie Crawford     Algebra 2 AM   class code: tqutlbu , Geometry AM class code: 4g64s5y , Alegera 2 PM class code: zlfmrwu , Geometry PM class code: xvx76am

    Michele Rasmussen  English I  class code: 7pph446, English III class code: desmb27, English IV class code: umklwbn

    Patty Burke    Body Structures & Functions class code: tpocdn2 , Allied Health Core Skills class code: p2p2lsn

    Eric Highley   Carpentry class code: papkemk

    Scott Davis    Pre-Engineering AM class code: tdjms54 , Pre-Engineering PM class code: njh5beg

    Robert Lankford  Electronics Digital 1 class code: qxn4gpq

    Robert Mitchell  Welding GMAW class code: jmt26uk , Welding GTAW class code: ibqqnju

    Sam Arnold IV  IPT Course 1 class code: ggzo5xa , IPT course 2 class code: fzntryb

    Richard Hall  Electrical Construction 2 class code: vlep5m2

    Jim Olert  Culinary Arts II PM class code: xsz4n56