Letter from Mrs. Fish

  • August 15, 2020


    “We know that this is a difficult time for many, and once we get started most students will be able to participate live without parent help once they log on in the morning.  Because this first 6 weeks is considered Virtual schooling and not NTI – school is actually “in session” and students will need to participate.  The district guidelines include appropriate amounts of synchronous times for students and we are working within those guidelines.  Just as when we are in person, we realize students may need to be absent on occasion and sometimes will need to miss “live” instruction.

    We will be providing the technology for all students, ensuring they have the tools needed for virtual attendance and know that some may be participating from locations other than their home, and that is fine.  If your child needs to participate from a daycare, parent office or other location, the device can go with them to those locations in order to participate.  I would recommend a set of headphones/earbuds so students will be able to hear and focus on instruction while minimizing distractions to those around them.

    We agree that in person teaching is the best model, however that cannot be provided at this time and this is our best solution for now.”


    Working for Kids,


    Jennifer Fish


    Lansdowne Elementary