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    Title Author Genre Pages Interest/Grade Level
    Saving Winslow Sharon Creech Animal Fiction 165 3-6/4.1
    Out of My Mind Sharon Draper Realistic Fiction 295 5-8/4.3
    Mac B. Kid Spy: Mac Undercover Mac Barnett Humorous Fiction 148 3-6/5.0
    Bob Wendy Mass and Rebecca Staed Fantasy 201 3-6/5.6
    Lions and Liars Kate Beasley Realistic Fiction 288 3-6/5.8
    Superstar Mandy Davis Realistic Fiction 320 3-6/3.7
    Roller Girl Victoria Jamieson Graphic Novel 239 5-8/3.1
    One Crazy Summer Rita Williams Garcia Historical Fiction 218 5-8/4.6
    Holes Louis Sachar Realistic/Adventure Fiction 233 5-8/5.1
    Pass Go and Collect $200 Tanya Lee Stone Non fiction unpaged K-3/3.6
    The Mad Wolf's Daughter Diane Magras Historical/Adventure Fiction 280 5-8/4.3
    Ivy Katherine Coville Fantasy 134 K-3/3.1